Review: Fatal by John Lescroart

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I’m really freaking excited to tell you about this book! This week’s book is Fatal by John Lescroart and I was shaking with anticipation from the second I finished reading the description of it on NetGalley. I was mostly pumped about it because this book didn’t sound like your garden variety thriller. If you guys read my blog often, you know I absolutely love me a good thriller, and this one was pretty friggin awesome. I especially loved the suspenseful writing style and the way Lescroart has of making his reader want more. He’s amazing. That reminds me – I want to say a huge thank you to NetGalley and Atria Books for sending me a copy of this book for this review! I loved the motivations for murder and revenge that Lescroart artfully wove into this story and I couldn’t wait to find out who was trustworthy and who just wasn’t. I absolutely did not envy the police force one bit – they had quite a job to do and it was so, so complicated. I never knew that one person could have as many enemies as the guy in this book did. Jeez. Oh crap, I’m getting too excited again. Before I say anything else, let’s get to the summary!

Our main character is Kate, a seemingly happily married woman in her forties. She is married to a lawyer named Ron, and they have two kids. Aww, how sweet and perfect, right? Erm… keep reading. So, Kate and Ron go to a dinner party hosted by one of Ron’s work friends. At this party, they meet another couple, Peter and Jill and the four of them get along perfectly. Later that night, Kate is lying in bed with her husband, tossing and turning with desire for Peter, the man from the party. Try as she might, Kate can’t stop fantasizing about Peter. In an attempt to move on, Kate meets her friend Beth for a jog and discussion. After some gentle prodding, Kate confides in Beth about her infatuation with Peter. Beth, a homicide detective, begs her friend not to indulge in anything further with this man and to just let it go. Nice try. Kate, unable to let things go, tracks down Peter at work. She asks for a discreet meeting with him to get his advice on ‘a private matter.’ So, Kate and Peter meet and engage in a super steamy affair. Not long after this steamy encounter, Kate and Beth are sitting in a café, when a masked gunman unloads an assault on the patrons of the café. He severely injures several people, including Beth and Kate, which leads to a lot of messy shenanigans and many questions about vengeance, infidelity, and the price of one mistake.

I was really into this book and I couldn’t wait to see how it ended! I absolutely loved Lescroart’s writing style and pacing – the story was perfectly suspenseful and amazing. Speaking of amazing, I was completely in love with the characters, especially Beth. She was a perfectly scrappy contrast to Kate’s overly indulgent and impulsive personality. Beth showed herself to be tough and resourceful time and again and I loved her character to bits. Also, as much as I disagreed with the actions of both Peter and Kate, I wondered if there wasn’t something brave about their willingness to sacrifice a life of complacency and comfort for something that was potentially better and more suited to their inner desires. Anyway! In addition to the book’s pacing and characters, I really liked the spiderweb of conflicts that are woven into the story. It felt like such a delightful mess of love and heartache interspersed with vengeance, I just absolutely couldn’t get enough of it. So, what did I not like so much about this book? Hmm… Honestly, I’m finding it super tough to come up with an answer to this one, guys. I really loved this book – I found it to be extremely riveting and suspenseful. I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone who loves thrillers or books about scandals and infidelity. I would definitely recommend this story to people who like detective fiction too. This book was amazing and I loved it so, so much!

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