Review: The Killing Game by J.S. Carol

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It has been a while since I checked in with all of my bloggy buddies and I missed you all a tonne! I absolutely loved this book and I can’t wait to tell you all about it. This review is about The Killing Game by J.S. Carol, a fantastic mystery / thriller. First of all, I want to say a big thank you to Bookouture and NetGalley for sending me a copy for this review! I was so excited about this book when I read the description on NetGalley and I was practically shaking in my boots before I finished the first page. It hooked me from the very beginning and there was no turning back once the insane plot twists started. I felt like I was right in the same weirdly scary situation with the rest of the characters and I related to every single one of them in a different way. I was really rooting for each one of the hostages and I couldn’t wait to find out why the bomber targeted this group of people. Before I get too distracted with the story and the wicked-awesome characters, let’s get to the summary!

We find our main characters, a bunch of celebrities living the good life in a high-end restaurant. Everything seems totally fine until a crazy gunman bursts into the restaurant with a super scary bomb strapped to his chest. Yikes. The crazy gunman takes everyone’s cell phones and jewelry and then tells them to strip down to their underwear. That last bit seemed a bit over the top to me, but I guess that maybe he just wanted everybody to know for sure who is in charge here. So everything is okay until one lady asks to keep her watch for sentimental reasons. Obviously, the scary gunman can’t just wuss out, so he has to kill her and show everyone else that he isn’t messing around. I could actually feel the panic when this bit happened. I guess the gunman felt like he had everything under control, but one of the celebrities dining at the restaurant is hiding out in the bathroom. He secretly gets in touch with the FBI and agrees to help them by setting up a secret camera so that they can keep an eye on the rest of the hostages. We find out right about now that the bomb on this crazy guy’s chest is connected to a heartrate monitor, so if he dies, everyone else dies too.

I absolutely loved this book and everything about it. My absolute favourite part was the unpredictable gunman, who seemed to have a secret motivation, but wouldn’t reveal anything until the most perfect moment in the story. The author did an amazing job of maintaining the suspense and the reader’s anticipation. Truly spectacular. Apart from the pacing of the story, I also really liked the authenticity of the characters. I related to some a slight bit more than others, but loved them all equally. Their fear felt real and tangible. The plot twists were absolutely incredible and I thought that they all added perfectly to our story. All in all, I thought that this book was breathtaking and fantastic. What did I not like about the book? Hmm. I really can’t think of much at all that I disliked about this story. It.really was just spectacular. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves thrillers and riveting stories. To be totally honest, I loved every aspect of this book and I can’t really think of anyone who wouldn’t enjoy it. This book had everything I was looking for and I thought that it was just amazing.

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