Fall Bookish Bingo – Update No.01

Hey guys!

So a couple of days ago, I was chilling out on WordPress and reading through some of my favourite blogs when I stumbled upon this great challenge called Fall Bookish Bingo. The challenge runs from September to November, so there’s still plenty of time to jump in and sign up if you want to, which is pretty awesome. You can cruise over to Pretty Deadly Reviews to get signed up.

My current bingo board:


Spaces I’ve daubbed on the board:

Free space

Killers – The Fall by John Lescroart

Friendship – The Barefoot Queen by Ildefonso Falcones

Short Story – The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Anderson


I’m going to post my challenge progress here on Mondays. I’m so excited about this bingo challenge! I have mad love for book challenges and every one I read about fills my with bookish excitement. Seriously. I’m practically shaking with anticipation just thinking about it.

The only problem is that I seem to keep choosing long books over and over. I love big books and it’s slowing down my progress. Sigh. Oh well. I will prevail and I know it!! Stay tuned, guys!

6 thoughts on “Fall Bookish Bingo – Update No.01

  1. The bingo sounds like fun! I’m debating whether or not I can do it right now, but if it’s through November, that coincides with the 24-hour Readathon, so maybe I could get a lot knocked off then.

    As for the long books, good for you! I have the opposite problem, well, maybe not opposite, but…I LOVE long books, but because of challenges I’ve set for myself, I keep putting them off because I always derail my challenges when I fall into long books. But there are SO many good ones waiting on my TBR…

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    1. You should totally do the bookish bingo challenge! The Readathon sounds awesome. I’ve always been super intimidated by the whole concept, mostly because I love my sleep time.
      The long books are kind of messing with my bookish bingo and challenges, but I can’t help myself. I realize I might have an addiction to long books because it totally interferes with my life on every level. Oh well! 🙂


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